Start something new!

    itsthefreek makes communication.
    Communication that encourages people.
    Are you going to do something new? Great! I'll help you tell the story right.
    This starts with an awesome concept, and eventually becomes a brand, website, event, campaign or (UX) text.

    Blauwalg became, out of nowhere, the party of the year.

    Concept, Production, Communication

    Syndion wanted more interest and applications for their vacancies.

    Concept, Production

    Who am I?

    Hi! I'm Freek Wallaard. I make communications, indoors, outdoors and on the Internet. I'm curious, ask a lot of questions and empathize with people.

    The greatest reward for my work: when people enjoy doing something with it. Action-reaction, otherwise it's not finished.

    The Holland Cup wanted to bring fans closer to cycling talents.

    Concept, Production, Communication wanted to give a human face to tech-training.

    Concept, Production, Communication

    What do I do?

    I make communications that encourage people to do something new. This is done in 3 steps: concept > production > communication.
    If I can't do it alone somewhere in those 3 steps, then I have a fine network of professionals I can rely on.


    First get a good insight into the brand and the target group. And then make an idea that fits the brand and is interesting for the target group.


    The creative concept takes shape and comes to life! It becomes a brand, website, event or campaign.


    And then it has to go out into the world! Sometimes print is better, sometimes online, sometimes PR - as long as the message arrives loud & clear

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